About the Book

Happiness is a choice. Misery is a choice.
You get to choose your experience.

You are accountable for everything in your life. Including how you feel. These decisions happen both consciously and unconsciously. Each choice shapes your life, representing your actions, passions, desires, thoughts, dreams, feelings and interests. Happiness is a choice. Misery is a choice. You get to choose your experience. Choose happiness!¬†Affirmations of Christ is a book specifically designed to help you do exactly that: choosing happiness. You begin by learning about the many positive words and teachings of Christ, that can shape the words you speak to yourself and how you view your experience. These lessons tell you, you are unique and how to honor your rarity. They help you spiritual forgive yourself and others. Together we’ll explore how to think realistically and optimistically. As you go, you’ll begin to truly the people around you as other spiritual unique beings who will teach you. In your personal relationships, you’ll learn the art of intimacy and how to honor that vulnerability.¬†

Your attention will turn outward as you see yourself as part of a community who supports you, and you in turn find ways to serve them–all without seeking recognition. You will appreciate the practice of nutritional living and how it feds your body, mind, heart and spirit. Along the way, you’ll find the humor that allows you to laugh at life and others in a way that is refreshing and uplifting for all. Your connection to the Earth you live on will grow so that you find ways to honor the ways it takes care of you, and the ways you can take care of it in return. Because you are a spiritual being, who can choose joy and happiness with God and the Universe. You will know that you have a place for regular spiritual rituals, wherever you practice them, whether it be a church, temple, synagogue, mosque, home or on a mountain top.¬†