Creating change from within.

It begins with your thoughts. Thoughts become feelings and feelings lead to actions and reactions. Changing those thoughts is the key: through positive affirmations. Affirmations of Christ will give you insight and phrases to verbally repeat and mentally recite. As you do so, you'll find your thinking changing into more positive ways of processing information and experiences. You'll come to see yourself as Christ sees you: loved, cherished and beautiful.

Allen Kreutzkamp Dec 2017

About Allen, the author.

Allen has spent many years as a Life Coach, helping people to rebuild their lives, focus on what they truly want in life, and achieve their goals. What he discovered is that when people falter if life, the core reason is that they do not yet know how to love themselves. Allen invites you to join him in an exploration of Christ’s love for you, the many ways he shows us his love and how we can integrate his positivity into our lives through affirmations of Christ. 

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